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No need to be the floundering wallflower in the background since those middle school days are long behind us (and in the case that they’re not, I’ve been advised by my lawyer to clearly state that this blog is rated PG-13 for suggestive language, partial drunken nudity, and the occasional bout of airplane violence – reader discretion is advised).

I guarantee you my social awkwardness outmatches yours so don’t be afraid to contact me!

Need tips on how to live like a local and blend in?

Have any world travel questions or any stories you wish to share?

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My Mission

I’m Not A Tourist, I Swear is a travel website dedicated to seeking out cultural experiences even in the most touristy of places. It’s less-focused on Top 10 sites and more geared towards immersing yourself in local culture. My main mission is to show travelers that they can feel as if they’re a part of the local community anywhere they choose to travel to.

The site also aims to bring attention to overlooked destinations with an emphasis on small towns and the lesser-known neighborhoods of big cities. I discuss cultural practices to partake in, provide off-the-beaten path destination guides, and write humorous stories about encounters with locals.

Partnerships, Press Trips, and Events

I’m open to forming long-term partnerships, attending press trips, or covering an event but only if they work within my niche. I have built up a trust with my readers and will not compromise this by embarking on a campaign that I don’t fully believe in.

I prefer to work with small town destinations, lesser-known tourism boards, or unique activity brands that provide unparalleled local experiences.

A full media kit is available upon request.

Brands and Products

I write a lot about outdoor travel and often find myself in unplanned, adventurous situations. Therefore I would be happy to discuss working with brands and products for the intrepid traveler. However, I will only promote products that I use regularly and will never write a review for a product, brand, app, book, or trapeze artist’s leotard without testing it first.

Freelance Writing

I am currently taking on freelance assignments for both online and print travel publications. To view my recent freelance print clippings, please send me a request via the form at the end of this post.



I am currently not accepting guest posts unless you are the one and only Geraldine DeRuiter – whose unparalleled witticisms are welcome anytime on this site (yes, sometimes I play favorites).


If your brand or company fits in line with the above criteria and wishes to work with me, then please get in touch at kristen@imnotatouristiswear.com or via the below form.

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