All Good Things in Life Start With Tequila

This travel blog started out like most travel blogs do – I was tired of the 9-to-5 office life so I quit my job to follow my dreams and travel the world.  I got white girl wasted and went home with a stranger who told me to write one.

Never underestimate the power of PMS and a decent margarita.

Three years later I woke to find I’d authored the foreword to a travel anthology, had stories published in Coastal Lifestyle Magazine, and garnered a few hundred thousand readers along the way.

If only I could remember said stranger’s name. I’m pretty sure I owe him a check. Or at least his T-shirt back.

Who Am I?

Oh yeah – I’m Kristen by the way. Probably was supposed to lead off with that but I’ve never been one for doing things the conventional way. Anyway I didn’t grow up traveling. My progression into the outside world looked something like this:

  • Girl grows up in tiny town in the Panhandle of Florida
  • Girl moves a mere 3 hours away for college
  • Girl studies abroad, leaving the US for the first time at the age of 19
  • Girl falls in love with foreign men and wine
  • Girl gets useless degrees in Art History and Classical Archaeology
  • Girl moves back home to wait tables
  • Girl becomes bored and moves to New York City
  • Girl enters a corporate world filled with travel perks
  • Girl loses out on a promotion, gets drunk off tequila, sleeps with a stranger, and becomes a travel writer

That’s pretty much the gist.

My Travel Style

When it comes to travel I’ve been “doing the thing you’re supposed to do in the place you’re supposed to do it” long before Ms. Newman officially coined the phrase. I’m drawn to participating in local cultural practices the world over – whether it’s attending local gondola race award ceremonies in Burano, crashing father/son reunions in Edinburgh, accepting unspoken palinka drinking challenges with Hungarians, or getting stoned on the fringes of the Middle Eastern desert with new Omani friends. 

I often skip the “must see” sites in favor of getting lost on the outskirts of town and seeing who and what I can find off the well-worn tourist trail. This often leads to as many mishaps as it does wondrous discoveries. I document all these adventures here on this site.

What You’ll Find (and Won’t Find) on This Site

If you’re looking for tips on riding the London Eye, visiting the Taj Mahal, or seeing the Roman Colosseum, this isn’t the site for you. You won’t find your typical Top 10 lists here. There are a million other blogs and websites out there hitting on the above highlights – I’m just not one of them.

Instead what you’ll find on I’m Not A Tourist, I Swear are experiential and off-the-beaten-path travel guides along with anecdotal tales of the people you’ll meet along the way. This site focuses on cultural experiences and immersion rather than checking sights off a to-do list. You can browse the best of the blog articles below:

Off The Beaten Path "Local" Travel Guides
Long-form Nonfiction Travel Narrative
Small Town and Less-traveled Neighborhood Highlights
Humorous Travel Tales and Anecdotes
Curated Lists of My Favorite Destinations and Experiences

How to Follow Along

If you’ve made it this far along the page, kudos to you, your attention span far surpasses mi-wonder what happened on Grey’s Anatomy last night? Damn. I’m out of girl scout cookies. I knew I shouldn’t have cut my friends with kids out of my life. Did I leave the oven on? Ha! Yeah right you don’t even know how to use the oven. Wait, wasn’t I in the middle of someth-oh duh! Sorry guys, where was I?

Oh yeah! You can keep in touch and stay updated via the following methods:

Individual Post Subscription

Flying over Pensacola Beach FloridaClick here to sign up to receive any and all new posts straight to your inbox. I publish new articles roughly every 10 to 12 days. My posting can be quite erratic so readers like having this option so they don’t have to constantly check my site to see if there’s new content.

Monthly Newsletter

Climbing the Acatenango Volcano - view of Volcan Fuego from base campClick here to sign up for my monthly newsletter where I incorporate the main elements of my site into 3 short sections: a quick update on my travels, links to the latest site content, a “city highlight”, and a selection of 8 to 10 interesting travel links from around the web.


Things to do in Oman - visit the Wahiba Sands DesertFollow along here. My blog articles and guides are very comprehensive. I spend a lot of time on them in order to give you the best information possible. Because of this my posts are less frequent than most bloggers. I make up for it by posting on Facebook daily.

I don’t post on Instagram as much as I should but I am getting better about it. To be completely honest, I love writing and have a hard time getting into photography (which I realize is totes weird for a travel blogger). I try to keep it real on my account and post unedited photos for the most part. I’m also making an effort to post in real time though admittedly I slip up. You can follow along here.

Contact Me

Anything else you wanna know about me and this website? Need tips on how to live like a local and blend in? Have any world travel questions or any stories you wish to share? Have an off-the-frequented-path travel recommendation for me? Want me to write about something in particular? Just want to say hello?

Don’t be shy. I love hearing from you guys!

Email me at kristen@imnotatouristiswear.com or pop in via the form below.

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